Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Why Personal Training

To achieve your fitness goals, a Personal Trainer will provide:


One on One Personal Trainers are degreed and/or certified professionals that stay constantly in touch with the newest information and techniques.

MotivationYou perform better when you are working with another person, especially someone who wants you to excel.
Time EfficiencyYou save time by having a thorough workout, pre-planned by you personal trainer.
Accurate Progression of Routine

Your personal trainer can revise your program to maximize results and keep your workout fresh and motivating.


The best athletes in the world have coaches, because coaches make sure you use proper form and technique during all aspects of training. A positive change in technique, however small, can make a big difference in your performance.


Since our personal trainers watch for proper form, this helps reduce the risk of injury. Your safety is a top priority at One on One.

CommitmentWhen you know your One on One trainer will be there each week, ready and encouraging, you are more likely to take seriously this partnership for your personal fitness. It means a commitment from us and from you!

Who Needs Personal Training?

  • Beginning exercisers learn correct techniques and patterns with the guidance of a Personal Trainer
  • Intermediate exercisers often reach a plateau in their workouts and fitness levels
  • Your Personal Trainer will show you new training programs to help you advance to new fitness levels
  • Advanced exercisers use personal training to reach a specific goal.
  • Your Personal Trainer will provide you with the game plan for success.
  • Sport Specific and Post Rehab are other areas where a Personal Trainer can benefit either the athlete to excel in their chosen sport or help the regular client return to optimum health and activity.

How much Personal Training do I need?

Personal training frequency depends on you and your individual goals. Beginners and individuals looking for rapid results may want to schedule 2 to 4 sessions a week until a solid fitness base is developed.

Others may get benefits from 1 to 2 weekly sessions as a basic maintenance routine. Your One on One personal trainer will make recommendations for customizing your desired fitness program.

Cost values for personal training?

The cost of One on One personal training is based on 30 or 50 minute sessions which varies from trainer to trainer. Partner sessions are also available. Consult our staff concerning additional information with our personal trainer fees.